We are meant to be connected...

Into Self, Others, and Universal Source.

Benefits of Working with Leah

* Develop a practice of learning to RECOGNIZE, without judgement, your current state of BEING in your mind, body & soul.

Feel the relief of releasing the weight of blame and shame.

* EXCAVATE past trauma drama storylines that no longer serve your highest good.

Learn to become aware of subconscious patterns to end self sabotage.

* Nourish your inner light, support your shadows and TRUST your intuition.

By accepting all parts of yourself, you can end self-abusive behaviors, procrastination & living in scarcity.

* CONNECT to your your body with compassion and kindness.

Disconnection from your body will cause dis-ease, reconnecting to your body allows for true healing.

*  Feel the deep RELEASE that comes with the practice of forgiveness.

Forgiveness of self, others and the universe, sets the stage for the new life you want to create.

* FILL your energetic toolbox with useful concepts that can be practiced at anytime.

When you bump against the hard shit in life, you will have a way through. You no longer have to hide from the uncomfortable experiences.

Power Transformation Session

If you are experiencing:

* Holding yourself back

* Getting in your own way

* Avoidance from actions steps you know you should take and don't.

An intentionally focused 75-90 Minute session can literally change your life.

Yes, I Want to Transform

The Light Expansion Package

Want to go deeper within yourself?

* Everything that comes along with the Power Transformation Session.

* 2 additional 45 Minute One-on-One calls for deeper discovery.

* A bonus 20 minute follow-up integration call 2 weeks after the package is completed.

Yes, I Want to Expand

Lovelight Leadership Package

For those who want to Serve:

This is where the powerful magic is!

To proceed forward with this package you will need to complete an application and we will also have a discovery call to make sure that we feel that we are aligned for this journey.


Yes, I am Ready to Lead

"Leah held a sacred space that allowed me to work through the noise and connect to my most authentic self. The tools she shared helped me learn to ebb and flow through life. I am eternally grateful."

Beverly C.
Los Angeles, CA

"Leah is, in a word, magical. She has the ability to recognize and support not only the person you are but also the person you are becoming. She invites you to move closer and closer to your goals while honoring and supporting where you are today. Authenticity and candor create a safe and supported atmosphere for deep work and transformation."

Sara R.
Los Angeles, CA

"Leah has shown me a path to enlightenment I never thought was available to my “sick” mind. Traditionally, treatments had me convinced I was always going to be dependent on their doctors and drugs. I still have a lot of personal growth ahead of me. However, for the first time in my life, I truly believe the power is within me to be free and clear of my issues. Leah has supported me on the right path. The continued support and genuine compassion is the light I needed to bring me out of the dark. I am incredibly grateful for having Leah come into my life."

Kim B.
San Diego, CA