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Unveiling Our Story: Empowering Lives, Inspiring Change.

Welcome to Lovelight Way - where passion meets purpose.


To empower individuals on their transformative journey of self-love by guiding them toward liberation from fear, healing through forgiveness, and awakening to the power of self-love.


To inspire one billion people to love themselves so that they may live without the paralysis of fear. Together we create a world where individuals embrace self-love as the foundation for personal growth, meaningful relationships, and holistic well-being. Lovelight Way envisions a society where fear is transformed into empowerment, where individuals authentically love and accept themselves, no matter their good, bad or ugly, and where compassion and understanding thrive in all interactions. Lovelight seeks to inspire a global movement of self-love, where individuals live with personal sovereignty, confidence, and deep fulfillment, radiating love and positively impacting the world around them.

Who is Leah Lovelight Michael

As a sought-after Transformation Coach and Experience Designer, Leah Lovelight founded Lovelight Way, renowned for its transformative self-love journey. She is also a co-creator of REVEAL Retreats for women and an esteemed author of "Modern Fear The Invisible Prison". She is also the host of the empowering Lovelight Micro-Dose Conversations podcast. As a soulFULL teacher, Leah guides heart-centered leaders, change makers, soul seekers, and intuitive, curious individuals, utilizing her expertise as a Master Facilitator, international award-winning retreat leader, certified XCHANGE Guide, Breathwork Facilitator, and intenSati Leader.

Having spent 16 years in corporate America, Leah recognized the importance of balancing her type A personality with her intuitive connection to life. She has developed a proven path to self-liberation and wholeness through profound inner work with fear, radical self-acceptance, and an applied understanding of sociology, reiki, energy work, mindset development, and craniosacral therapy.

Leah firmly believes that the change in the world starts within, and her mission is to empower those who seek to support others, fostering collective growth and rising together as a community.

 Hi, I'm Leah Lovelight Michael

Founder of Lovelight Way

What is Transformational Coaching?

Our holistic approach delves into every aspect of your life - past, present, and future - to uncover and leverage the catalysts that will propel you toward lasting change.

Through a safe and nurturing space, we invite you to explore the depths of your experiences, beliefs, and patterns. Together, we'll shed what no longer serves you and embrace new perspectives that empower your path of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and realizing your highest potential.

Passing the speaking stick to another person.

At Lovelight Way, our transformational coaching is centered around fostering self-awareness, facilitating healing, and empowering you to live a life in alignment with your authentic essence and purpose. We are committed to supporting you on this transformative journey, guiding you toward embracing your authentic self and creating a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Join us on this extraordinary voyage of self-discovery and personal growth. Together, we'll unlock your inner power, embrace your unique journey, and illuminate the path toward your desired transformation.

What is an Experience Designer?

As an experience designer, we believe that every interaction, from large-scale events to intimate gatherings, holds the potential to create meaningful and transformative experiences. Our passion lies in crafting experiences that go beyond passive engagement and instead foster active participation, enabling the group's collective wisdom to emerge.

With a focus on seamless design, we strive to ensure that the experiences you envision, whether for a group of 300+ people or a small team, are thoughtfully curated with the intention focused on the solution you seek. My goal is to facilitate deeper connections among participants, sparking moments of curiosity, inspiration, collaboration, and growth.

From the macro to the micro, we are dedicated to understanding your unique vision and tailoring the experience to align with your goals. By infusing interactive elements, experiential learning, and opportunities for shared insights, we aim to create safe environments that empower individuals to fully engage, contribute, and create lasting connections.

As an experience designer, our ultimate intention is to support your journey in providing and receiving impactful experiences that leave a lasting impression and inspire personal and collective growth. Together, let's design experiences that captivate, connect, and transform.

Our Values


We wholeheartedly embrace love as the force that empowers individuals to reclaim their personal power, live authentically, and create positive change in their lives.


We uphold unwavering standards of transparency, honesty, and confidentiality, ensuring trust and respect in all our interactions.


We believe personal growth and transformation should be enjoyable and filled with moments of joy, laughter, and celebration. 


Our commitment to nurturing personal growth and continuous learning unlocks full potential and meaningful progress in life.

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Leah possesses exceptional communication skills and a captivating presence that resonates with her audience. Through her enlightening talks, immersive retreats, and empowering seminars, she has made a profound impact on individuals across the globe, igniting transformations in the realms of leadership, creativity, resilience, and achieving effortless success.

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