Take the first step towards transforming your business through retreats.

In 6 weeks, build a complete retreat blueprint that you can immediately offer to your people.


This mastermind experience will give you the confidence to offer in-person or virtual retreats so that you may deepen your relationship with your community and build an additional revenue stream for your business.

Love notes from past participants.

Rachelle N.

"This was an incredible program. I am leaving with a solid Retreat blueprint that really only needs the details filled in. Great content, participants, and outcomes!"

Nicole K.

"I feel clear and confident about planning my next event and making sure everyone wins. Leah's Mastermind was exceptionally valuable!"

As a practitioner it is exciting and slightly terrifying to offer a retreat to build your business.

The experience of a retreat is priceless for you as a business owner, and an unforgettable memory for your community and clients. Retreats are often lifechanging because they give people the opportunity to release the stress of everyday life while being given a chance to remember what matters most to them.

This program offers you step by step instructions on how to build a successful and profitable retreat, while bringing clarity to your business model to release any uncertainty you have.

In this mastermind you will learn


  • Discover your retreat impactful story
  • Elevate & build your WHY
  • Align self-worth and the value you provide through your  pricing


  • Identify the way you want your retreat to feel
  • Understand the influence of environment
  • Build richness through sound, gifts, & ceremony


  • How to onboard participants
  • Learn the importance of integration
  • Plan post retreat offerings to keep your participants engaged with you


  • Clarify participant boundaries with you and others
  • Co-creation & collaboration with other practitioners
  • Clarifying agreements


  • Learn to manage the energetic arc of the retreat
  • Developing content to be delivered during retreat
  • Building tangibles like workbooks


  • Ensuring profitability
  • Know your liability, use of waivers & photo releases
  • Promoting and inviting people to your retreat
Love notes from past participants.

Wend B.

"So many resources and such wisdom provided in this mastermind."

E. M.

"An invaluable resource for making your retreat a success."

Jolina K.

"This mastermind chunks down a really big undertaking into manageable steps"

Program Schedule

  • Weekly Zoom calls will be from 12-2pm MST
  • We begin Tuesday 07/12/2022
  • We finish Tuesday 08/16/2022
  • BONUS: Optional office hour support calls Thursday 8/4 & 8/11 from 12-1pm MST

Investment: $997

This includes:
  • Six 2-hour zoom calls
  • Two 1-hour optional office hours
  • A complete Retreat Blueprint
  • Receive sample intake forms, surveys, email campaigns, agendas, workbooks, budgeting sheet, and waivers.

BONUS: 45 minute 1:1 session (completed before 9/16/22)

Message from Leah:

To me, your success is personal. Running multiple retreats a year, I know the value of hosting retreats for supporting and growing your business.



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*If you are in a challenging financial situation, there are partial scholarship spots available. If you're interested in receiving a scholarship, apply here.