We support high achieving women who want to step more into their feminine and into their bodies by empowering them to feel confident, secure, sensual and deeply in love with themselves.



"As a single Mom of twin 7-year-olds and business owner, the REVEAL retreat was a total reset and just what my nervous system needed. With the perfect combination of time in sisterhood and solitude, rest and play plus the most delicious chef prepared food, I was able to reconnect with myself and return home feeling nurtured, renewed and refreshed. I highly recommend the REVEAL retreat to anyone who’s feeling burnt out, lost or stuck. It will provide you the return to yourself that will serve you for many days and months beyond the retreat."

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Be Wildly Alive

What's stopping you from your true potential...


  • Feeling disconnected from your body 
  • Struggling with negative body narrative
  • Experiencing stress, anxiety, or burnout
  • Struggling with self-love and self-acceptance
  • Experiencing lack of time for personal growth 
  • Feeling like you're not living up to your full potential
  • Struggling with low self-esteem or a lack of confidence
  • Feeling isolated from a community of supportive women
  • Holding onto judgment that you are not enough or worthy
  • Difficulty in expressing your emotions or feeling vulnerable
  • Dealing with past trauma or unresolved emotional wounds
  • Feeling stuck in life and unsure of your direction or purpose

Imagine how different your life could be if you were willing to let go of the negative beliefs that have been holding you back.

Unlock the incredible feeling of self-discovery...


  • Start living your wildly alive life
  • Connect deeper with your body
  • Explore the depths of your emotions
  • Discover the power of your own story
  • Bring light to the power or your thoughts
  • Nurture a loving relationship with yourself
  • Embrace every aspect of your unique beauty
  • Cultivate a sense of belonging within yourself
  • Create a more empowering narrative of who you are
  • Unearth your true essence and unlock your full potential
"The one word I would use to describe the REVEAL Retreat is AMAZING! The one gift I feel like I truly received is myself. If I was thinking about sharing this experience with a friend, or a woman, or somebody that I meet out in the rest of the world. What I would tell her is it is time to invest in herself and to meet herself."



Play - Sense -Elevate Your Vitality


This sounds like a dream come true!

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Looking to unlock your full potential and tap into your inner power? Give yourself the radical permission to be seen, feel deeply, and embrace your true essence. You deserve to shine bright and let your wild side play. Join us on this exciting journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Do you believe that every woman deserves to experience the transformative power of being fully witnessed for who they truly are?

Our soulful program is designed to guide women to the edge of their comfort zone, allowing them to tap into the wisdom that's waiting to emerge. We understand that vulnerability can be challenging, and we're here to hold you with tender nourishment and patience through every step of your journey. We honor your unique story and celebrate the power and beauty within you. Our mission is to reflect back the love and power we see in each woman we serve and to celebrate you for who you are.

Join us on this path is to love.


When & Where 


Location: Rio Grande, Puerto Rico

The Place: Casa Alternavida

Retreat Check-in: 3pm June 7th, 2023

Retreat Start Time: 5pm June 7th, 2023

Official Retreat Closing: 12pm June 12th, 2023

Private REVEAL Photo Release: Date to be determined depending on photo editing.

Airport*: San Juan (SJU) International Airport (Airfare is not included)

*Please ensure your flight arrives by 3pm on 06/07 and your flight departs no earlier than 1:30pm on 06/12. This ensures that you will be able to participate for the full retreat.


We recommend you purchase personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance (this in not included).

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"Self love and giving back to myself is a powerful force for me and my family. It ripples out and helps all of those around me feel my love for them more vibrantly."


"I feel connected to others, I feel connected to source, I feel empowered, hopeful, creative, excited, renewed in my faith to live fully and abundantly!"


"The life changing experience of REVEAL has given me access to my power in a way that I've never experienced."


"REVEAL is truly that, a reveal of yourself to yourself. The reflection is beautiful."


"Oh my goodness, everything. Feeling free and safe to be open about true feelings."


"Coming home, people said to me, "You feel DIFFERENT, you seem so HAPPY!"


"REVEAL provides me the fuel to stand in my sensual divine sovereignty."


"Being seen authentically provides a space to want to be seen more!"


"Immeasurable value- discovering the sorceress, the lover and queen with me."


We honor and believe in this work, and because of that, if at the end of the retreat you do not feel appreciation and gratitude for your experience then we will refund 50% of your investment!

Double Occupancy



  • 2 Twin Beds

  • Shared Bathroom

  • Creative Coqui                                   
  • Regularly $5,297

Single Occupancy



  • Queen or Full Bed

  • Shared Bathroom

  • Hummingbird, Lucky Dragonfly, Mindful Moth
  • Regularly $5,697

Single Occupancy



  • Queen or Full Bed

  • Private Bathroom

  • Humble Bee, Sleepy Serpent, Hermit Crab, Blissful Butterfly
  • Regularly $5,997

Shared Room + Shared Bath

Installment Option


Private Room + Shared Bath

Installment Option

2 Installments of $2,599

Private Room + Private Bath

Installment Option

2 Installments of $2,749

Pay In Full

Receive these Bonuses

+ 1-on-1 90-Minute Consultation with Leah & Jenna (Value $975)
     ++ Deepen your intention for retreat
     ++ Support around what to wear or not to wear
+ First choice regarding the timing of your REVEAL Photoshoot. (Value priceless)
+ Receive a framed photo (of your choice) for your self-love altar. (Value $137)
+ Priority room selection based on your investment. (Value outstanding)


At Casa Alternavida each room has been designed with intention and infused with the spirit medicine of different animals.

Which animal spirit calls to you?


Tireless joy and the nectar of life

Humble Bee

Fertility and the honey of life

Sleepy Serpent

Rebirth, initiation, and wisdom

Lucky Dragonfly

The power of light, and ancient wisdom

Hermit Crab

A new path awaits balance your boundaries

Blissful Butterfly

Transmutation and the dance of joy

Mindful Moth

Enthusiastic and ready to be complete

Creative Coqui

Transformation through water and sound

I deserve this!

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The Retreat Experience

(Subject to change based on many factors)


Leah Lovelight Michael


I am a sought-after Experience Designer. The founder of Lovelight Way, co-creator of REVEAL Retreat, author of the book Modern Fear The Invisible Prison, and a soulFULL teacher. I am a Master Facilitator, an international award-winning retreat leader, a certified XCHANGE Guide and intenSati Leader. I am a student of life, a connoisseur of people, and a leader in self-discovery. After spending 16 years in corporate America, I saw a need to balance my type A personality with my intuitive connection to life. Through my own deep inner work, radical self-acceptance, applied understanding of sociology, reiki, energy work, mindset development and craniosacral therapy I have developed and designed a proven path to self-liberation and wholeness.

Jenna Nord


I am the co-creator of REVEAL and owner of Jenna Nord Photography. My words won’t touch the heart of each and everyone that reads on, but my hope is that for those they do touch- you trust me to be your story teller, and for those I won’t touch, let my images continue to move you. I want to see your lines, the hard and soft. I want to love your skin through my honest photography. I want to show you, your power. Where there is shadow, I will capture it’s richness. Give me light, I will give it back unfiltered. I want your real. I am a mother with four children. I am a wife. I know clutter & chaos. I am made of stretch marks and scar tissue. I know feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders. I know deep, loneliness. I also know an abundance of joy and pride through a woman.

I know I want this experience!

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Now more than ever, it's essential to prioritize self-care and self-discovery. The world is evolving rapidly, and it's time to dive deep and stay committed to your path. Elevate your presence and ignite your inner fire as you refine your life's purpose. Join a community of fierce, powerful women dedicated to their own growth and emergence. Together, we'll support each other on this transformative journey. Don't wait, join us today and unleash your full potential.

 REVEAL Values Small Business


REVEAL Champion Scholarship

We believe in the power of prosperity through generosity. For every fully paid and booked retreat, we will offer a scholarship for a REVEAL Retreat to a woman that might not otherwise be able to access this type of deep inner & outer work. If you would like to be a potential recipient of a REVEAL Scholarship, please apply here.

REVEAL Champion Vendor/Service Provider

If you are the creator of a product that is designed to decorate or nurture a woman, we would love to know! For each REVEAL Retreat, we would love to feature women creators. If you are interested in learning more, please click here.

 Cancellation Policy

Please understand that we are a small business and there are no exceptions to the policy for any reason. There is no refund for arriving late or leaving early. If you need to cancel or transfer to another retreat, we asked that your request be in writing. 45-30 days prior to retreat 35% refund or 50% towards future retreat. Less than 30 days 0% refund or 25% toward a future retreat. Credit card fees are non-refundable.


REVEAL Retreats reserves the right to cancel this retreat if there are less than 7 women signed up 30 days prior to the retreat.

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