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I help individuals, teams, and organizations feel good from the inside out so they may intentionally align with their purpose.

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Hi, I'm Leah Lovelight Michael

I am a sought-after Experience Designer. The founder of Lovelight Way, co-creator of REVEAL Retreat, author of the book Modern Fear The Invisible Prison, and a soulFULL teacher for change makers, soul seekers, intuitive curious and heart centered leaders. I am a Master Facilitator, an international award-winning retreat leader, a certified XCHANGE Guide and intenSati Leader.

I am a student of life, a connoisseur of people, and a leader in self-discovery. After spending 16 years in corporate America, I saw a need to balance my type A personality with my intuitive connection to life. Through my own deep inner work, radical self-acceptance, applied understanding of sociology, reiki, energy work, mindset development and craniosacral therapy I have developed and designed a proven path to self-liberation and wholeness.

I believe that the change of the world starts within, and I am on a mission to support those that want to support others, so that collectively we all rise together.

Resources for every stage of the journey

Free Lovelight Way Course

Fear is a part of our life, it can either consume us or it can support us. This is short course to support you finding sovereignty within fear.

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REVEAL Retreat

A womens retreat designed for intimated self-connection through reflective self-care. Are you ready to see yourself in a way you have never seen yourself before?

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Modern Fear the Invisible Prison

This book is a powerful invitation to break free from fear. "If you're ready to make deep & lasting changes in your life, this is the book that will show you how." - Dr. Benjamin Hardy

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Leah is my secret weapon this year. She has helped me to transform my relationship to trust. I am now the CEO of my dream business and running a small team. I think she is the CEO Whisperer, working with Leah has been incredibly rewarding. My life will never be the same.

Nicole Keating

CEO of Sourcitarian

Sandra Fazio

Life Coach, Human Design Guide & Author


Plain and simple…Leah is magical. She has the capacity to not only embrace but guide the other through the vessel of their soul. This is a rare gift and one that Leah has been given to be the transformation agent that she is. Anyone who is in the presence of this gentle and loving being, will experience an awakening to their true self all while be held safely and with deep compassion and love.

Through the experience of REVEAL, I have gained access to the inner wisdom that has lead me back home to myself. I have found and REVEALED myself to my truest essence in full love, acceptance, gratitude and unbridled joy. The life changing experience of REVEAL has given me access to my power in a way that I've never experienced.

Gabriela Rojas

Founder Resounding Flow

Liz Whiteman

PhD, Executive Director, CA Ocean Science Trust


At Ocean Science Trust, we aim to actively contribute to changing the ocean sciences in CA to be more equitable, diverse and inclusive. To do this, we partnered with Adair Cates, Dr. Nicole Bossard, and Leah Michael, as XCHANGE guides, to lead complex conversations around DEI with students, faculty and professionals. Through collaboration, masterful facilitation and generative energy, they helped us find clear opportunities for improving inclusion, equity, and diversity that we will be implementing moving forward.

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Work 1-on-1 with Leah

One on one work is deeply personal to me as this is a healing journey of the mind, body, and spirit. If you are lost in stress, tension, overwhelm and anxiety, you have come to the right place. I work with clients to transform stories of the mind, connect to how their energy flows and finally to return home to their bodies, so that they may live centered within themselves.

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